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Bio - Ryan Yerdon


03-04-08 Modern Drummer - Blog by Ryan


    Hey MD readers! My name is Ryan Yerdon, and I play with Puddle of Mudd. Itís been a crazy year for us Mudd kids. Weíve been touring since April í07. Touring can be an awesome experience, doing what you love and seeing the world.

    I wanted to let you know what itís like to be on the road and behind the kit with POM. Being that all of us (the band) love drummers that hit super hard, itís my job night after night to be very physical and aggressive behind the kit. My day is focused around being in shape, staying healthy, and having a good, positive attitude with the boys, the crew, the fans, and everyone we meet.

    On this current tour of Canada and the East Coast, hereís how a typical day goes down: I try to do a light workout everyday. I found the earlier it happens in the day, the better. That way I can rest before show time. My regiment consists of push-ups, curls, calf extensions, shoulder shrugs, and lots of stretching. It only takes one show when your forearm or shoulders lock up to remind you to never forget to stretch again.

    Then I move to a pad. I have a cool Roland pad that has a series of exercises that I like to use. I stick to the basics and always play to a click. (I canít stress that enough.) I also try to eat right: lots of chicken, veggies, and fruit. We have a juicer on our rider (list of things we request at the venues), so we are constantly juicing carrots, apples, beats, ginger root, celery, etc. Drinking these juices seems to help with energy and stamina. I also drink as much water and Gatorade as possible, maybe ten bottles per day. Staying hydrated is very important. I try to do this everyday, however, we do a lot of interviews, meet & greets, and acoustic performances, so sometimes itís a little hectic.

    Hereís what happens right before and after our shows:
Pre-showóJust before we go on stage, I stretch my back, legs, forearms, fingers, hands, legs, and calves. This is very important. I also do a lot of jumping jacks, and I jump rope. I try to stay warm by working out with a jacket on.

Post-showóI stretch again right when we get off stage. I also change my shirt and dry off as soon as possible to keep from getting sick. Then we go straight to the signing booth to give autographs. Weíre there for at least an hour, taking pictures and meeting fans. Then itís time to eat (I try not to eat two hours prior to show) because itís been hours without eating, and our set is one hour and twenty minutes. After a meal, itís teatime for me (a little night-time blend). I talk about the show with the guys, and then head off to bed. You need to get plenty of rest to do this everyday.

    So, there it is! Stay healthy, positive, and donít forget to stretch. If you have any questions, hit me up on Myspace.

P.S. When youíre on the road, donít forget tell your drum tech everyday that you love him!